Ici Présent! (ex Masterbox)

The French artisans' gift box

L’équipe d’Ici Présent! (ex Masterbox) is based on the following observation: in France there is an incredible wealth and diversity of products from artisans, creators and producers. They are passionate about making a wide variety of exceptional products. Unfortunately, they are unknown and do not manage to emerge, to leave their niche of customers and to be known.

Despite the quality of their products and their history which make the wealth of French craftsmanship, these "small e-commerçants"do not have a simple and reliable tool to help them
to sell their products and become known at the national level. They have neither time nor budget to devote to this activity.

Grâce à Ici Présent! (ex Masterbox), les partenaires référencés ont une solution simple pour permettre à chaque français de découvrir leurs produits sans avoir à payer de frais marketing. Ici Présent! (ex Masterbox) se positionne comme LA craft marketplace.

The project leaders

Vincent NAIGEON.

Their superpower ?

To highlight the best of French crafts and small local producers. Make them accessible to all French people and tell their story in beautiful coffrets cadeaux.

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