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INNORADIANT develops Voice of the User, a SaaS platform allowing
a fine, reliable and adaptable automatic analysis of conversations about products/services on social media (or any other verbatim).

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies (AI, Deep Learning, etc.), VoU offers marketing, R&D and social media listening departments a precise analysis of the attitudes, feelings, uses, intentions, wishes and weak signals expressed by users.

VoU is based on AsI (Aided Semantic Intelligence), one of the most powerful systems in the field of Automatic Language Processing, combining cognitive grammars, AI algorithms and symbolic configuration.

The project leaders

Luca DINI and Paolo CURTONI.

Their superpower ?

"Hoover" conversations on social networks, analyze user sentiments or intentions, and process the data to help marketing and R&D departments launch new products or services.


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