Startups on the track

Introduction to flying

You are a unicorn, a pegasus, a fighter plane, or even a biplane ...
Did you know that dedicated support can increase the durability and growth of your innovative company ?
So fasten your seat belt and get ready to get your start-up off the ground !

successful take-offs

They fly on their own wings

Beautiful startups were born at the Tarmac and took off. Discover them !

smooth crashes

They were able to bounce back

We advocate transparency, so we are not going to try to make you believe that all our startups are flying towards success... But we do everything to also accompany those who fail in a "comfortable" rebound. Sometimes beautiful stories are also born from failure. And they all agree that the experience gained in a startup has no equivalent !

Former CEO of True Spirit, Hugo now works at Minimento, the former Tarmac startup, to develop the RV part.

While Bilel joined HPE, Arnaud joined Lyf Pay after working for over a year for Microsoft in Ireland. As for Rémi, he now works for Collibris, another startup born on the Tarmac !

Since his startup stopped, Julien has been putting his experience to the benefit of young entrepreneurs. Mentor and sponsor of numerous startups, he is also piloting an acceleration programme at Le Carré dedicated to growing startups.

They support our actions