Stead XP

Innovative video stabilizer

SteadXPa startup 100% made in France, has developed the first plug & play video stabilizer. It combines a motion recording device with a powerful post-processing software to provide smooth professional quality photos for everyone.

The principle is resolutely disruptive, finding a new position between the mechanical stabilization of the camera and the pure software stabilization real time or post-production. The SteadXP is a small device that can be easily plugged on any type of professional or semi-professional camera. It is equipped with an electronic system that records every movement of the camera while it is shooting.

At the same time, SteadXP has developed an advanced algorithm that combines image information and camera movement information in post-production to compensate for all unintentional movements and optical distortions almost automatically.

The project leaders


Their superpower ?

Stead XP offers us a simple and effective way to watch videos that don't make you feel sick !

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