Digital platform to animate and interact with all its communities

AgilyBox is a digital platform with a wide range of functionalities, to be chosen from a catalogue in order to build a tailor-made information system, without the need for technical skills.

Agilybox allows companies and communities to animate their community (employees, citizens, members or service providers) in a few clicks. Whether it is to share a directory of suppliers referenced by the purchasing departmenta catalogue of activities for the HR department that manages the Quality of Working LifeAgilybox allows you to collect opinions, find the activity or partner that corresponds to your specific needs, receive notifications, register, propose your activity or service provider, etc.

The solution, in white label, allows the company or the community to :

  • Develop its attractiveness, its employer brand or territorial brand
  • Promoting healthy sport in his company or on his territory
  • Strengthening social ties and make employees or citizens actors of their company or territory

The project leaders


Their superpower ?

Enable companies and local authorities to succeed in their digital transformation by allowing them to build their tailor-made information system, while reducing the number of digital tools !

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