web platform for virtualization and exploitation of infrastructures (virtual visit, panoramic videos...)

VRTICE offers an alternative to CMMS and BIM for operational industrial buildings with the virtual tour. Managers of technical and/or industrial buildings sometimes find it difficult to quickly find relevant information about the sites they operate.

VRTICE wants to help its customers build a technical database of their facilities by organizing their documents ergonomically around an immersive solution to facilitate research and sharing.

By offering manufacturers access to a web-based management platform, enhanced with adapted business tools. VRTICE will enable them to keep the sites running more efficiently.

The project leaders

Stéphane GAMET and Vincent BONIGEN.

Their superpower ?

Putting their expertise in the VR in the service of their customers to help them achieve productivity and quality gains in their maintenance, of inspection, of formation and security.


[email protected]
51, avenue Jean Kuntzman – 38330 MONTBONNOT ST MARTIN

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