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DomNexX is a creator of connected and scalable solutions to improve comfort, well-being and safety in new and existing buildings, from a single room to a group of buildings.

The young startup designs and markets simple and intuitive Smart Building solutions that allow the monitoring of environmental parameters and detection of incidents.
DomNexX is developing an offer dedicated to ERP (crèches, schools, administrations and offices) for the monitoring of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), allowing them to meet the legal obligations of monitoring for sensitive audiences. Its solution, called nexxThings, also enables preventive management of exposure to harmful limits.

The project leaders

Jean-Philippe PIERREL

Their superpower ?

Watching over our health! Because the solution developed by DomNexx preventively manages the exposure of sensitive audiences to the harmful limits of CO2, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), fine particles, etc.

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