Liquid level sensors for Industry 4.0

Kapflex offers a new generation of capacitive sensors for level detection, for industrial use (aeronautics, gas/oil, chemical, space, food, automotive, medical). These sensors are adapted to all types of tanks or pipes. They simplify the level measurement and can solve the safety and weight issues in a challenging environment.

In this market of level sensors, Kapflex stands out for its innovative technology which allows to carry out, in a simple and precise way mesures multiphasiques : industrialists can measure the quantity of liquids of different nature (water / oil for example) with a single sensor. If this solution is more and more used to detect and measure pollution, especially water pollution in a hydrocarbon tank, measuring mixtures of different nature is still relatively complex. Kapflex technology therefore opens up good prospects in the environmental field as well, for the prevention of water pollution by hydrocarbons.

The project leaders

Alexandre DELORME, Alix DUCLOS and Pierre THIBAULT.

Their superpower ?

Kapflex enables Industry 4.0 to massively deploy tanks equipped with IoT liquid sensors to optimize processes, minimize waste and avoid environmental pollution.

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