The application that digitalizes the escape game

Graaly is a mobile application for escape games and event agencies who wish to create customized surveys and treasure hunts where they do not exist yet (companies, cities, ski resorts...).

Create your own Escape Game A journey punctuated by adventures and riddles to be solved becomes simple thanks to the Graaly application. The creative studio offers more than 20 different types of puzzles, fun games and stunning effects using augmented reality and image recognition.

These routes are surveys that allow you to discover a place through play or to liven up an event, a company seminar or a moment with friends, since the mobile application is also available to the general public.

The project leaders

Eric Matthieu.

Their superpower ?

Discover any place in a playful way with the digital escape game and let the creativity of the game designer speak for itself thanks to a creation studio integrated into the application that requires no technical skills.


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