teleradiology platform for diagnostic assistance

Vizyon develops and operates its own teleradiology platformBlockchain-based (ETHEREUM and SWARM), which allows hospitals and medical imaging centers to download X-ray and CT scans and request diagnosis from remote radiologists (teleradiologists).

Thanks to the Vizyon platform, they can access pre-diagnostic AI applications that make their work more efficient and faster.

Vizyon offers the V-Engine, a DICOM "box", installed in the healthcare facility or radiology practice, connected to their PACS and accessible through their RIS. The V-Engine automatically determines the part of the human body present on the radiological image and whether it is normal or pathological. It deduces a report template, which is proposed to the radiologist who reviews and completes it to produce the final report.


The project leaders

Dr Pierre DURAND, Eric LE BIHAN and Sylvain KRITTER.

Their superpower ?

Putting Blockchain technologies (ETHEREUM and SWARM) and AI applications to help radiologists in hospitals and medical imaging centers in their diagnosis.


[email protected]
29, chemin du vieux chêne – 38240 MEYLAN

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