simulation tools for the electrical networks of the future to promote the energy transition

Odit-e exploits the mass of available data of the network to identify the areas potentially under constraints. Odit-e then refines its diagnosis using a reduced number of mesures terrainand proposes the most appropriate solutions to improve the network's security and quality of service.

This approach is based on a plateforme Cloud which hosts the expert algorithms, collects the data, and provides the customer with access to the operation of their network, without the need to interface with the existing IT systems. Thanks toadvanced data analysisOdit-e develops innovative algorithms that radically transform the study of electrical networks: this approche data driven allows to take into account the real behavior of the network.

The project leaders

Philippe DESCHAMPS, Michel CLEMENCE, Clémentine BENOIT.

Their superpower ?

Predict the electrical networks of the future so that network managers/owners, faced with the challenges of energy transitioncan integrate new uses, such as photovoltaic production, electric vehicles and self-consumption.


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29 chemin du vieux chêne – 38240 MEYLAN

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